Maxi Glutamax, 90-Count

Health & Personal Care
Glutamax is the combination of nature's own powerful detoxifying sulfur compounds. Sulfur is vital, though often overlooked mineral element. It is known that most people are sulfur deficient. Sulfur makes up 0.25% of human body weight and occurs widely in nature, being present in every cell of both animals and plants. It is required for your body to detoxify itself. The detoxifying and eliminating of toxins and poisons from your body is necessary for maintaining good health. Glutamax is a powerful supplement that helps support a healthy liver, immune system, kidneys and intestinal function. It contains the key antioxidant glutathione, an amino acid that plays a crucial role in healthy immunity. It is the body's natural defense against harmful chemicals and compounds. Glutathione promotes healthy cellular function including nutritional support for key "defender" cells that are essential to the body's ability to fend off invaders and free radicals. We then combine the benefits of glutathione with nac (n- acetylcystine ) and earthrise spirulina to offer you the most complete, immune enhancing dietary supplement available. Nac offers nutritional support for healthy liver function and has been recently recognized for its immune enhancing effects. For complete immune and antioxidant defense, try glutamax from maxi health research. Your body will feel the difference! Glutamax contains natural sulfur compounds and may have a natural odor.

Natural strongest immune system booster
Maxi health research's strongest immune system booster